Collections and Recovery of Judgments

Do you or your business carry longstanding receivables and debts? Smothers Law Firm is dedicated to collecting outstanding debts and accounts receivable in a prompt and professional manner. Every case is important to us and will therefore receive prompt and personal attention. When it comes to collecting your personal or business related debt, we are aggressive and persistent. As a law firm with years of experience collecting business debts, we know that often a demand letter followed by professional negotiations can resolve past due debt without filing a lawsuit. However, if a debtor persists in their refusal to pay outstanding debt, we will file suit and take the debtor to court. This ability to file a lawsuit and to obtain a judgment on your business’ behalf distinguishes Smothers Law Firm from the ordinary debt collection agency that is not legally empowered to initiate a lawsuit.

Smothers Law Firm not only has extensive experience in obtaining judgments in pursuit of business and personal related debt, we also have the experience and ability necessary to enforce and collect the judgments obtained. Once a judgment is obtained, collection options range from garnishment of the debtors’ wages and bank accounts to the seizure of assets. The aggressiveness with which post-judgment collections efforts are pursued is custom tailored to the needs and desires of our clients. Contact us today to arrange for a consultation related to collecting your personal or business related debt.


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